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Tuesday, 22 February 2005
Global Warming just conjecture: Yeah Right!!
- by developer at 3:29 AM
Since I was in primary school we have been bombarded by statements that the effects of Global Warming are not conclusive.  To that I say all you have to do is take a step outside.  I grew up in NJ and as a child there would consistently be heavy snows of of 12" of more and in the south ( I would travel to Georgia, Mississippi, and Maine) it was truly unheard of to see snow. Americans often seem to act as though it is another one of those third world problems. Granted after being subject to relocation to support nuclear testing the islanders of the Marshall Islands now face drowning in the rising seas largley due to the un restriced and unrepentent addiction to non renewable and  polluting fuels. But  there are numerous studies that show shrinking islands (animated coastline maps of Long Island) and there are even plans within the government to "address" the problem of shringking coastlines in the US.  You can also look at the shrinking coast of america.  Dont forget that much of middle america was an inland sea once upon a time. You can take a look at the study of sea level change to understand what all these scientists are talking about. Scienftific American did what I thought was a really great article talking about the Global Warming and the mulitple variables that impact it. They also described the current heat absorbsioncaused by vairous global warming effects including dark pollutants, shrinking polar caps and Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere among others as being equivalent to the effect of having a 60 watt buld  on every square meter of the planet.. thats a lot of heat.

Corporate energy producers want "market forces to define envirionmental adgenda" which is completely corrupt strategy because their method is to pace technolgy innovation along with first driving up thier value on diminishing resources to maximize thier profit.  It is a greedy algorithm that cant last as a sustainable model for our global civilization. This is true because there is very little outside to our energy/environmental system and most of that is in the form of radiant energy which may be both the method of our final destruction or big part of the uliitmate solution. Don't be confused .. I dont believe Earth will be destroyed but humanity will loose its place on the planet.

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