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Early Days: potential garden area
Early Days- From the Back of Propery
Aerial Shot
Gearing Up
Getting Down to Business on Tree Work
Pro Tree Guys at Work
Splitting Wood
Nice Tree
Container Fun
Fun w Neighbors
Water Monitor
Energy Monitor Install #1
Energy Monitor Install #2
Deer #1
Deer #2
Eggs from Friends
Starting from Seed
Rocket Stove Experiment
Rocket Stove Trial
Rocket Stove Design
Kennel in Progress
Container Move
Shed Design incremental
Shed Foundation Pier Diagram
Shed Foundation Pier Diagram Excerpt
Starting Rebar work
Building a Jig for Rebar Work
Masons at Work
Foundations #2
Masons #2
Aerial Shot #2
Aerial Shot #3
Foundations and Piers #2
Foundations and Piers #1
Foundation Plates Design
Piers Ready for Containers
Projection Screen and Kennel
Aerial Shot #4
Raised Footings and Twist Locks for Containers
Containers Staged for Big Lift
Rigging the Containers
Big Lift
Ali meets Mama Deer
Introducing the Police to the Goats
Deck Design for Shed
4 Container House
Walipini Design
Walipini Iteration #2 east view
Walipini Iteration #2 south east view
Walipini Iteration #2 south view
Walipini Iteration #2 south west view
Walipini Iteration #2 Layout Test aerial view
Walipini Iteration #2 Layout Test south west view
Walipini Iteration #2 Excavation Diagram

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