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"What a life of wonder - every object new."

A laboratory is a place of exploration, a place of discovery. From the moment we engage our clients to the point of final delivery, BT-medialabs is constantly learning and growing. We apply the knowledge gained from our years of experience to constantly improve our products and methodologies.

"From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and wonderful have been and are being evolved."

One of the first lessons we learned in this business is that the web is not a printed brochure. It is a constantly evolving place that bends and shapes according to a user's interaction. Every website, and therefore, every web project is different: for variety defines the web. Nothing is cast in the same mold. Individual differences are of the highest importance. The web is really a place of constant struggle and change.

And we have adapted. Our experience provides us with the special ability to preserve and add up the variations that are good, while we learn from and then throw away those that are bad.

What makes us different from everybody else? We are going to give you a solution that you actually need. We have a defined methodology that works. We'll learn all about your brand and identity. We will learn about your existing technology requirements and needs.

BT-medialabs offers a wide variety of products and services. We employ Java, Shockwave, JSP, ASP, VRML, Client-Server Network Integration, XML, SSL, SQL, EJB and dynamically generated HTML, accompanied by back-end database applications. Regardless of the platform, we never forget that the production methodology must be suited exactly to the client's content and goals to get maximum benefit from the interactive medium.

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