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Case: JKRC

The Joseph Kohn Rehabilitation Center (JKRC), sponsored by the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBVI) provides a range of rehabilitation, training and treatment services to clients who are sixteen and older. The JKRC mission is to build life skills to enable independent living. Some clients live at the school and others commute. Each client has a personal treatment plan and a customized schedule. Treatment plans are written by teams comprised of the client's physician and/or social worker who work with the JKRC staff to evaluate the client's needs and determine appropriate services. One of JKRC's biggest challenges was scheduling--getting each client into all the right classes or sessions, while not overbooking the classes themselves.  Another major challenge was to maintain an up-to-date client record, including sessions attended, teacher's and therapist notes, and client progress against treatment goals. JKRC sessions were sometimes under- or over-subscribed, and staff were drowning in paper and struggled to keep records were up to date.

BT mediaLabs, with its deep expertise in intra- and extranet development, proposed a workflow-oriented solution built on a relational database. The database would hold up-to-the-moment data about clients' treatment plans, classes and treatment sessions, class and session attendance, teacher and therapist class notes, client progress, and provide both on-screen and paper reports as needed for the many different staff roles that deliver JKRC services.

As an extranet solution, the client's representative can visit a secure Web site and fill in detailed questionnaires about the client's medical conditions, training and treatment needs, and desired outcomes. The client's representative can monitor client progress on a periodic basis from a remote location, and provide suggestions as warranted.

As an intranet solution, the staff at the facility can finalize treatment plans and convert them into future schedules of activities. As the activities fill up, staff can add new sessions as needed and also monitor teacher and therapist workloads. Teachers and therapists know which client is scheduled for upcoming sessions, and the therapist can review her prior notes (or suggestions from other therapists) to prepare effective sessions and treatments. Currently, checking on a client's progress can be done at any time, and changes to treatments and/or schedules can be made easily. As a client nears the end of treatment, progress is always available to the client representative. BT mediaLabs relational data model allows creation of custom feeds to any legacy or third-party accounting system or other application.

BT mediaLab's Workflow Engine provides a role-based, flexible way to manage not only the multitude of transactions needed to schedule client attendance and monitor progress, but also on-demand reporting of every aspect of the school's operation. The custom Web interface provides forms and functions appropriate to each staff member's role and responsibilities. Full logging keeps track of events for later review. Our Workflow Engine is highly customizable. New types of classes or treatments can be added easily. Client schedules can be structured as needed. New reports can be designed on-the-fly, which is a boon to an agency with numerous government reporting requirements.

When you select BT mediaLabs to develop your workflow system, you will discover a team that can swiftly understand your needs and expertly produce an extra-/intranet solution that will continue to serve as your needs change. We have an extensive inventory of configurable technologies and employ a Rapid Application Development  (RAD) methodology to create new capabilities when needed. BT mediaLabs offers Web and streaming media hosting, Web application development, marketing solutions and event management. To learn about our services, including development, click here. To learn about our products, including a wide range of powerful Web marketing and e-commerce features, click here.

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