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Case: Denver Center

The Denver Center for Performing Arts is the multi-faceted entertainment hub of Western United States. It includes multiple venues: the Boettcher Concert Hall, Helen G. Bonfils Theatre Complex of four performance spaces, the Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, Education Department, Denver Center Media and the National Center for Voice & Speech. More than X million people attend events in a typical year. Click here to learn more about Denver Center. As many as a dozen distinct and overlapping activities can be scheduled in a single day. Denver Center's management recently wanted to update the Web site to mirror the vibrancy of the performances and events at Denver Center, and to make it easier for members and visitors to find out what was scheduled, purchase tickets and make donations. But they had a limited budget.

BT mediaLabs had developed and hosted the existing site. We proposed a cost-effective way to upgrade not only the site's dynamism, appearance and usability, but also the tools for managing the flow of content updates for the site. This was a vital feature of BT's proposal because nearly a dozen departments provided updates: information about upcoming performances and education programs, news, special promotions, schedule changes, artist biographies, and more.

BT's first step was to enhance the content management system to handle a wider range of objects. Adding support for Flash-based animations was key to enhancing visual appeal. The Web master's tools were extended to include BT's Dynamic Navigation Tool that gives Web masters a point-and-click way to organize content on pages (without coding) and to maintain relationships between objects (such as an animation, graphic or text message) and page locations. Now, Denver Center staff can update text or images on an hourly basis, if needed, to increase the site's timeliness and dynamism.

BT expanded the database so that Denver Center could offer a greater range of events for sale using the existing Paciolan ticketing and fulfillment service. To learn more about Paciolan, click here. One very exciting innovation that leveraged all the new technology provided by BT was a Flash-based venue mapping tool to display the view from each seat location. This tool allows Denver Center to load a diagram of a seating plan and photos from each seating area. Then with a few mouse clicks, link the photos to the plan so customers can compare views of the stage from different locations before they buy tickets. The same tool allows Denver Center to load maps of its property so a Web site visitor can take a visual tour at a computer.

BT enhanced the Web calendar to support more kinds of events and to dynamically generate Flash-based calendar views of just the types of events, such as opera, that a visitor may be interested in. Now, the Web Master (not a programmer) can define a new type of event and enable Denver Center staff to input schedules of the new event that visitors can choose to see. Events are stored in the Content Management System and displayed according to rules set by the Web master or categories selected by the Visitor.

As a BT mediaLabs client, you will experience a flexible development methodology that translates an understanding of your organization's audience and needs into technology and project requirements, and a satisfying execution process that delivers the results you expect. BT mediaLabs offers Web and streaming media hosting, Web application development, marketing solutions and event management. To learn about our services, including development, click here. To learn about our products, including a wide range of exciting Web marketing and e-commerce features, click here.

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