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Recent Projects

New York Press

Redesign of the popular new york news destination.

The site redesign implmented a new and exciting lookfor the site. Central to the effort was the intrgration of "Web 2.0" features. 


PrintIcon.com was launched at the end of 2002. The site sells a wide variety of paper products and utilizes a cutting edge database driven shopping cart developed in Macromedia Flash and ColdFusion. It was developed for PrintIcon, a printing services and paper products company located in the heart of New York City.

BreakThrough Medialabs developed the full shopping experience as well as some neet admin tools to allow PrinIcon to control the content of its site.
As the main goal of this site was to sale the different products and services offered by PrintIcon to its custumers around the planet, BreakThrough MediaLabs implementented an Order management system and a Product management system.

Lincoln Center Theater Review

BreakThrough Medialabs was hired by The Lincoln Center Theater to develop a site specifically dedicated to the Lincoln Center Review. The Review, a literary magazine is published three times a year by the Theater and they wanted to offer the possibility for the users to access it online. Beside the current issue the Theater wanted to allow the users to access to the archives browsing by different issues or using a search feature

BreakThrough Medialabs developed a simple and elegant frontend side for the users to go around and find their way easily. The backend was set-up to allow the Lincoln Center Theater a full control of the site; giving them the maximum flexibility in terms of content.

Lincoln Center Theater Review

Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Subscription Renewals System

BreakThrough MediaLabs developed a system based on the account numbers allowing the SPCO patrons to retrieve their existing subscription and to decide either to renew directly as it was for the previous year or to modify it. The system allows also the SPCO to offer to these patrons the possibility to add some "special events" offered only to online subscriber. The key requirement from the SPCO was to make an easy system for the patrons so that they could renew their subscriptions in a very straightforward process.

this first success, BreakThrough Medialabs is now engaged in a larger reorganization of the site and will roll down in a near future some new features.

Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

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