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Blog Tools

Weblogs, Binary Logs, or simply blogs are sprouting across the Web, for good reason. They make it easy for people to post news and commentary on a blog-enabled Web site--their own or another's-- as part of a multi-party discussion or within a category. People with something to say can say it on a blog... and get feedback from others. Organizations serving an audience can engage and aggregate their members. Companies selling products and services can leverage customer passion and build an auxiliary sales or promotion force. Blogs expand the role of a Web site beyond presenting content to mobilizing opinion and generating action. Take a look at our blog system, here.

TrackBack standards (created by Six Apart, Ltd., makers of the Movable Type blogging tool) enable, for example, Mary to post comments locally (on her own site) about what Jake said at a remote site. Jake's readers at the remote site can see that Mary made a comment and can jump to read it. Alternatively, if Jake is a known member of Mary's group, he could do his blogging on Mary's site. Thoughtful comments posted on another site can track back and link deep into your content, bringing readers face to face with your offering. TrackBacks create explicit links that search engines use to rank a site's importance. Comments on remote blogs that refer to your site increase your site's ranking. Comments posted to blogs on your site that TrackBack to another site also increase your rank. It's connectedness that counts.

BT mediaLabs is an interactive firm offering web and streaming media hosting, web application development, marketing solutions and multimedia event management.  We develop dynamic media- and function-rich Web sites that are designed to be managed by clients with an easy-to-use Web interface, without a team of programmers. Our Blog Tool can be added to any BT mediaLabs Web site and can be integrated with our range of powerful Web features including the Content Management System, the Dynamic Navigation tool, Event Calendaring, the Flash content management tools, the Timeline Generator and our Dynamic Map Engine. Click for more information about BT mediaLabs Products and Services.

BT mediaLabs Blog Tool is highly configurable and gives Web site sponsors flexibility and control over the blogging environment, including selective trackbacking. Here are some features that make it especially useful for organizational, institutional, corporate and event Web sites that seek to provide a dynamic array of services to a diverse audience:

  • Compatibility with MovableType TrackBack standards. BT mediaLabs TrackBack feature  interoperates and supports explicit links with any blogging system using this de-facto standard.
  • Fully-featured. A BT mediaLabs blog includes calendar access and archive, list of available groups, titles of the latest posts, bookmarks (by category), search, and the posts, themselves.
  • Multiple levels of user membership. BT mediaLabs Blog Administration functions allow you to determine which (if any) blogging features a given group of users can enjoy.
  • Private Groups. With BT mediaLabs, you can establish private blogs for a designated user group. The contents of these blogs cannot be viewed by casual visitors or other groups.
  • Invite users. You can invite users or Web site audience members to join particular blog group(s). This feature helps promote participation in the blog and its discussions.
  • Draft mode. The draft mode allows registered users to post messages in a non-viewable form. In-house and staff content producers can prepare posts, review them with the team, and when approval is given or the time to publish comes, the posts can be made viewable.
  • Moderated mode. New posts to a blog can generate an automatic email to your moderator or Blog Master and remain hidden until the posts are reviewed and approved.
  • Notification. The notification feature enables administrators and users to closely monitor responses to particular content or posts.
  • Design flexibility. You can attach a Blog to any content (individual item or class) in a BT mediaLabs Web site. Arts- and performance-oriented sites can use this powerful feature to attract, identify and aggregate visitors and members with very specific interests.
  • Selective trackbacking. You can chose, for each Blog you attach, whether to allow backtracking to other sites, from other sites or no backtracking at all.
  • Configuration. You can determine blogging features including: attach a blog to a content item or category; allow trackback posts (pings) for the item or category or to any posts beneath it; notify someone by email of new posts added; add trackbacks pointing to remote content; send trackback pings to the list of remote sites with updates on new sub-content added since the last ping to a given site; set optional passphrase, which if used must be supplied for remote users to post a trackback.
  • Multiple topics. A visitor or member can associate a Blog entry with one or multiple topic categories. This helps members whose comments cover multiple topics and helps the Blog Master organize and report shifting audience interests.
  • Topic control. Your Blog Master can assign new topics as needed and retire topics that are no longer relevant.
  • Site location. Content-related blog posts appear with the associated content but are also aggregated in the blog area of the site for both easy administration and user access.
  • Integration. BT mediaLabs Blog Tools integrate with all of our Web site features. This means you can add blogging to an existing site or start with a blog-oriented site and add exciting features in the future.
  • Viral marketing. Blogging gives owners of BT mediaLabs-developed Web sites and their marketing partners a way to leverage peer recommendation and affinity groups to enhance marketing campaigns. Blogging integrates with our spectrum of marketing features including Viral Marketing Tools, Campaign Management Tools, Market Study Engine, Email Club, and Rich Media Email.  



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