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MusicOrgy --
for listener- and community-driven
Internet radio

MusicOrgy.com is Internet radio whose channels are shaped by its online members. Once you join a MusicOrgy group, you can select favorite songs from our global library of music and save them in a personal request list. The composite play-list for your group's digital jukebox broadcast channel is compiled from the request lists of individual members. You can contribute new songs to the library either by uploading the song or by nominating an already-published song. You can submit a request list at any time. The songs heard on a channel will evolve members revise their request lists or send in different ones. You can join multiple channels and listen to different kinds of music and other audio content depending on your mood and interests. We offer many channels today, including dance, rap, future, rock, alternative, with many more to come. Organizations, communities and companies are creating their own affinity groups to serve the music and audio interests of their members and customers.


MusicOrgy listeners get to hear not only the songs they love, but also songs loved by other members in the group. It's a great way to hear good, new music. To listen, go to MusicOrgy.com or simply click on a banner-style tuner on your screen. The channel is streamed to your device. Do you want to hear the latest music from a favorite artist without waiting for it on your channel? Easy, use the search tool, find the song and play the thirty-second sample available for most selections. You can instant message and hold chats with other members of your group using AOL, AIM and ICQ networks.

The tuner is Flash-based and delivers a smooth, cinematic dashboard. Do you want a custom mix? Create a special play-list, pay a reasonable fee, and receive a custom CD in a few days. MusicOrgy makes it easy to discover and enjoy more of the music you like, without the hassle and risk of engaging in file sharing.


Organizations use MusicOrgy to build a sense of community and disseminate messages. Suppose you create a custom library of audio material that includes chosen parts of the global library as well as organization-only content. When members choose their request lists from your customized library, they are deciding what they will hear while staying within your boundaries. This reinforces community involvement and cohesiveness. Your organization can create its own programming by preparing announcements, news reports, talk shows and education programs, and broadcasting them over your organization's channel or channels according to a fixed or variable schedule. The Dynamic Audio Play-list Generator is SMIL-compliant, so you can use scrolling tickers and other effects. Now you can reach your community when members are at their computers--via wired or wireless Internet access. Also, you can restrict a channel to members only--you can't do that on regular radio. You can also have public channels to help recruit new members. In the future, organizations will have the option of broadcasting their channels over satellite radio.

Artists and record labels

With MusicOrgy, independent artists and record labels now have several ways of being heard beyond conventional radio, in-store placement programs and other marketing techniques. Indies can contribute their songs to the MusicOrgy global library, where they can be selected by listeners across the many channels served by MusicOrgy. MusicOrgy listeners are a global audience--enabling 1-to-1 reach. When a listener requests a song, it will soon be heard by everyone else listening to the channel--a viral marketing effect. Or, an Indie can sponsor a channel by him or herself, or with other artists in the genre, and offer the channel in conjunction with music-selling or the Indie's own web sites. MusicOrgy offers unique protections to independent artists and other channel sponsors. MusicOrgy follows RIAA rules so that the artist has the same protections as to repetition afforded by conventional radio. The streaming format isn't suitable for file downloading, so filesharing risks are avoided for artist and listener, alike. Finally, the wealth of information about audience listening preferences over time can help artists and labels understand what their audiences are REALLY interested in.

Demographics and market analysis

MusicOrgy can give channel sponsors extremely useful intelligence for marketing, promotion or membership purposes. The group's demographics can be linked to and enhance segmentation models. Members' listening requests portray audience interests now and over time. New trends in music or the other materials selected by members can be monitored as they emerge, unfold and spread. The changes in relative audience sizes and schedules for different channels can identify growth opportunities early on. MusicOrgy's policy is to anonymize the data related to individual members, however, we will work with you to help you effectively analyze and leverage the aggregated data.

Service operation and Web integration

MusicOrgy is offered as a service to organizations and individuals. We develop and manage the Dynamic Audio Play-list Generator, the global database, backup, security, network interfaces streaming and bandwidth control. We provide sponsors of MusicOrgy channels with online tools to include existing content in custom libraries, add new content, enroll and service members, consolidate member's request lists, create and schedule broadcast play-lists, enable and manage instant messaging, and other administrative functions. We provide a one-stop-solution for organizations to create private label Internet radio services. You can read about MusicOrgy.com in the press here.

In addition to MusicOrgy, BT mediaLabs develops dynamic media- and function-rich Web sites that are designed to be managed by clients with an easy-to-use Web interface, without a team of programmers. The MusicOrgy service can be integrated with a range of powerful Web features including the BT mediaLabs Content Management System, the Dynamic Navigation tool, Blogging features with configurable trackback links, Event Calendaring, the Flash content management tools, the Timeline Generator and our Dynamic Map Engine. Click for more information about BT mediaLabs Products and Services.

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