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Verdant Farms

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Verdant Farms

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"I am inspired by my grandparents and their small garden coming from the Victory Gardens of WWII.  All those days helping them gave me an appreciation for the values of being in nature and the basic skills to get started. After tiring of seeing tomatoes go over a $1/lb  a few years in a row, I started my own small garden at my last apartment. I recalled how my grandparents' garden, no more than 30'x 8' would produce so much food we would give some away to neighbors of the church.

Upon considering how to redevelop the property, I realized the opportunity to expand upon that idea, leveraging my technical knowledge, sustainable techniques old and new, and the greater space, to create a model of more holistic, healthier living to help, educate, and inspire others.

Growing Food, Ideas and Community."
-- Tyrone Thomas, Owner

The vision is to create a self sustaining laboratory for living more aligned with nature and in holistic balance. Multifaceted, multipurpose, healthy, fecund, creative space. BreakThrough has moved its primary office to Stone Mountain, Georgia  to have more space to experiment and expand in green and renewable energy areas, as well as, reducing the company carbon footprint. The property is a USDA registered farm.

Farm: Using principles of Permaculture, we want to create a "Food Forest", as seen in The Ron Finley Project. We will also add beehives with wildflower patches. The deer and other animals will be considered in planting and maintenance of their right of way. We will build a chicken tractor which will help in the goals of minimizing or eliminating pesticides and fertilizers, as well as, providing eggs. Using an ancient techniques of using the earth's naturally occurring constant temperature, we will build a Walipini for year round growing of staples and to house an aquaponics system. For similar reasons,another objective is to construct a root cellar.

Art Residency/Creative Collaborations: We want to work in partnership with arts organizations, inviting artists for studio residencies. Alternately, we may work directly with artists or organizations to create projects and local events.

Green Living: Conduct Shipping Container/Tiny House experiments exploring affordable sustainability with buyer appeal, renewable energy, and a lifestyle paradigm shift integrating more time with nature living more harmoniously with the ecosystem around us. Living more richly, needing less.


Community Outreach: Building bridges to promote community gardening and garden exchanges, renewable energy,conservation through various events including  experiential learning workshops, especially for kids. Art and cultural  events to create a nexus for building bonds across various parts of the community and to learn from one another.  There is an outdoor projection screen and media center. We would see this expand to creating a network of folks who help one another in implementing these strategies.

The first year of transformation has been documented here.
  • Site Survey and Plan
  • Permits
  • Services run to initial outbuildings
  • Removal and processing of initial trees
  • Test plantings
  • Established Compost pile
  • Initial experiments with Rocket Mass Heater and Rocket Stove
  • Built a Kennel/ Chicken Run
  • Constructed a shed, composed of two shipping containers.
  • Created an outdoor projection area
  • Completed Farm Registration
In the coming year, the goals are:
  • Beehives
  • Walipini
  • Aquaponics system
  • Begin Construction of Shipping Container Tiny House
  • Small PV system install
  • Drip Irrigation system

Verdant Photos the Beginning
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